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Permission to Share

Data Collection & Your Privacy

Due to the new General Data Protection Act that rolled out in early 2018, the following is a requirement in granting permission for us to share your child's image and to allow us to be in contact with the families we serve.

The information that we collect will be kept offline and shared only with those volunteers who must have the information to fulfill their commitment to GHF. Your name, your child’s name, date of birth, phone number, and address will be kept strictly confidential. Photos will be watermarked and edited to include our organization’s name upon use; this is so that we can protect those images when sharing around the web.

How can you know for sure that your info is safe? Our Founder & Executive Director, Ali Harper, has served her community in a variety of capacities: volunteering for various community organizations, corporate management, teacher, home business owner, and more. One of those commitments was as a command appointed ombudsman for the nuclear submarine, USS Maine SSBN-741, of the United States Navy. This position gave her the opportunity to receive training from both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Navy Criminal Investigation Service on a variety of topics, of which included internet security, ensuring privacy of data, homeland security, and confidential information management. She knows first-hand what concerns are lurking on the internet and beyond, as well as how to keep your data safe. In addition, we are certain that you all are well aware that there is a very real threat to your children when sharing their stories and images online – rest assured that GHF will put in to place every precaution they are able to, to include Google alerts of photos and specific topics, to prevent this from happening to you.

As far as your personal contact information: this is used to communicate with you – birthdays, dates of death, information, awareness items, advocacy tools, care packages, and gifts will be sent to you during your journey with us. Later, it will be used to send you special project information. If you would, please be sure to update this information as you are able upon relocation or change of contact email/phone.

We appreciate your time and look forward to the opportunity to best support you on your journey in every way we can while also sharing your child’s journey with our audience while advocating for their rights and working to raise awareness of the possibilities that exist for a quality of life worth living.

Permission to Contact & Share
Is Text Ok?

By placing my digital signature below, I attest that as legal guardian I give Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly, dba Global Hydranencephaly Foundation, permission to use my child’s image in digital and print materials to be shared for advocacy, awareness, and organizational marketing efforts specifically. Any other use will require separate permission to be granted. This permission will be active for 3 years from the date of your signature and will only be revoked with specific written permission sent via email or postal mail to GHF. Upon revocation, this will only remove permission of the use of your child’s image in those materials created after the date of the letter we receive. You may opt out of image or information permission to share by ticking the boxes below. Please note that GHF will not have the ability to remove your child’s image from everywhere it exists prior to revocation of permission to use, so please be advised that those images are forever. Thank you for your consideration and support of our mission, in hopes of creating opportunity for every child with hydranencephaly to live the best quality of life possible.

Thanks for your submission! We will be in touch soon!

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